Employee Discounts

UnitedHealth Group takes a genuine interest in our employees' financial wellbeing, and seeks to provide offerings that support you in all aspects of your life – at work, home and everywhere in between. As an employee of UnitedHealth Group, you can take advantage of many discounts on services and products that will increase the value of your UnitedHealth Group total rewards.

Visit the employee discount website at https://discounts.uhg.com to access 1,000s of discounts on a variety of products and services; including local and national offers. Plus, purchases made through the employee discount site may be eligible for cash back.

  • Auto discounts
  • Child care / daycare discounts
  • Cell / mobile phone discounts
  • Finance, mortgage, and relocation discounts
  • Healthy living (fitness, gym, wellness, healthy food and cycling discounts)
  • Hearing and Vision discounts
  • Long Term Care
  • Pet insurance
  • Retail discounts
  • Sports and entertainment discounts
  • Software discounts (Microsoft, Apple, etc.)
  • Telecommunications discounts
  • Theme parks and attractions ticket discounts
  • Travel discounts (hotel, airfare, rental car, etc.)
  • Tuition discounts

UnitedHealth Group employee discounts are available through a third-party website that includes exclusive employee offerings, as well as local and national discounts negotiated by our third-party vendor. As an employee, you will be able to access the website at https://discounts.uhg.com . When accessing the website from work or when connected to the network, you will be logged in through Single Sign-on (SSO). To access the employee discount site outside of work, enter your 9-digit employee ID and MSID password.

Search, browse and redeem discounts as prompted on the site.

Your First Visit

The first time you access the site you will be prompted to register to create an account. This step is necessary to view the local discounts based on your selected ZIP code and accept our vendor partner's terms and conditions.

How do I access the employee discount site?

The URL for the employee discount site is https://discounts.uhg.com .

Employees accessing the site while at work or connected to the company network will be logged in to the site through Single Sign-on (SSO). If an employee visits the site outside of work, employees will need to enter their 9-digit employee ID and MSID password to access to the site.

Who is eligible for UnitedHealth Group employee discounts?

The employee discount site will be available to all UnitedHealth Group and its affiliated U.S. employees with data in the UnitedHealth Group system. Contractors will not have access to the discounts.

Products and services on the employee discount site can be purchased by the employee on behalf of family members, unless otherwise noted. However, access to the discounts is only available through the employee's discount site account.

Who can I contact for help with the site or if I have an issue with a discount?

The discount site has a call center managed by our third-party vendor, BenefitHub, to address any of your questions or concerns. Contact BenefitHub Customer Care at 866-664-4621, 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Central time. You can also email: customercare@benefithub.com.

To report an issue redeeming a discount, submit the problem using the Feedback Link associated with the discount you are having issues with or by calling Customer Care at 866-664-4621. The team will work with the merchant to address the issue and update the eligibility, where appropriate.

How does the cash back feature work?

The employee discount site features cash back on select everyday purchases and big ticket items. Purchases that are eligible for cash back are indicated on the specific deal and can range from 2%-20% for every dollar spent or it may be a fixed amount. Once you make your purchase through the process indicated for the offer, your cash back will accrue in your BenefitHub cash back account and can be redeemed after you have earned $10. Please note: It may take up to 45 days for merchants to report your purchase to us and for you to view the cash back balance in your account.

Why can't I access some of the merchant links in the discount site? I am getting a blocked site error message.

Due to UnitedHealth Group's online access policy, some external merchant sites may be blocked while on the UnitedHealth Group network. You will be able to access all sites through a personal home or mobile device.

What happens if I leave the organization?

Your access to the employee discount site is based on your Single Sign-on access. Once you leave the organization, you will no longer be able to log in to the employee discount site. If you leave the company with a cash back balance, you can call our third party, BenefitHub, at 866-664-4621 or email: customercare@benefithub.com to redeem your cash back balance.

Are there international discounts?

We continue to expand the employee discount site to international locations and provide discounts internationally. You can view international discounts by clicking on the country drop down at the top of the discounts home page. We currently have international view for U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and India are working to expand to additional locations.

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