Health Care Advisor

Your guide to navigating health care. Call 800-357-1371.

Navigating health care can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. Health Care Advisor is your go-to resource for personalized health care support and guidance, day or night, 365 days a year. Health Care Advisor gives you access to benefits experts and clinicians via the phone and gives you fast, reliable answers to all your and your family's health care questions. Nurses are available 24/7.

Who's Eligible

Employees and family members enrolled in one of the following medical plans: HSA-eligible plans, Accountable Care Plan, Doctors Plan, Hawaii PPO, Kelsey-Seybold Primary Care Plan, M Health Fairview Primary Care Plan or WellMed 1st Tier.

How It Works

Whether you have a health concern or a question about your claims or coverage, Health Care Advisor is the call you need to make.

  • Connect with the right resources for your situation, whether it's managing a chronic condition, a major medical event or your overall health and wellbeing. Nurses are available 24/7.
  • Find low-cost, high-quality care, discounts and wellness incentives to maximize your dollars.
  • Locate a provider and schedule an appointment.
  • Select the best setting for health care that is affordable and convenient, including alternatives to emergency room visits.
  • Understand your medical and prescription drug benefits.
  • Get help with claims and billing issues.
  • Understand treatment options.
  • Connect with a wellness coach to create a personalized wellbeing program.
  • Get help earning your full Rally for Health reward, if eligible.
  • Receive a free second medical opinion from a nationally recognized expert at 2nd.MD if you have questions about your diagnosis, your best treatment options, possible surgery or how to better manage a chronic condition. In as little as a week, 2nd.MD collects your medical records and connects you with a nationally recognized expert physician for a video or phone consultation.
  • Speak to an expert about fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management and much more.

We also have On-site Health Care Advisor at the following locations:

Note: Health Care Advisor and other phone representatives cannot diagnose problems or recommend specific treatment and are not a substitute for your doctor's care.